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My Painting Philosophy


My goal in establishing Colour Guard Miniatures ten years ago was to provide the very best painting service to collectors and war-gamers.  Over the ten years of service I have provided I believe that I can say I have accomplished this task. 

It is a historical phenomenon that the better uniformed a soldier is, the higher his morale will be. For evidence I point to the Napoleonic Grenadier with the tall hats and plumes to make them artificially taller, and the red coloration to make them fiercer. And certainly the polished armor and bright heraldry of the Medieval knight was intimidating as well as protective. 

And surely what better way to raise the morale of the few with spectacular uniforms? Does anyone doubt the fortitude of the 95th Rifles, Ellsworth's Zouaves, or the British at Rourke's Drift? No.

It is to this that Colour Guard Miniature Painting is dedicated. Every figure is painted to the very finest quality. No shortcuts, no omissions, only the best possible detail. Whether it is the Knights Templar, the Guard Grenadiers at Waterloo, or the Rangers at Point du Hoc that you have always wanted to field in all their glory, no detail is missed, be it for your tabletop army or your display collection.


Every figure is painted to the very finest quality. No shortcuts, no omissions...

Tim Richter, Owner & Master Painter

Colour Guard Miniatures

In more than 15 years of wargaming and collecting, I have seen the effect a well painted unit can have on the morale of a player. Many times I have been witness to, or participant in, the cringing and drawn breath of players when the well painted unit hits the table. This is a result of what gamers know to be true...

The better it looks, the better it fights.

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